Tammy Hembrow Build A Booty Review
This is my review of the 8 Week Build A Booty program by Tammy Hembrow..

In my review I talk about:

  • What it is and what’s in it
  • Who’s it for
  • If it’s worth your money
  • Why I don’t like it and what I’m following now.

Read my review to see if it’s the right fit for you.

My Tammy Hembrow Workout Review

Hi everyone! My name is Bianca and today I thought I would share my opinion of the Build a Booty program by Tammy Hembrow.

You’ve probably seen Tammy Hambrow on Instagram or Facebook, she has a massive following. I personally first seen one of her photos on Instagram and thought, wow I wish I had her body.

After going through her profile I found she had a booty workout program that caught my eye.

To be honest, I hated my body shape 🙁

I was straight up and down with very little curves and the only thing that really grew going through my teenage years to now is my boobs.

When I look at magazines or girls in their bikinis at the beach I’d always been a little jealous of their curvy butt.

I joined the gym about 6 months ago but I’ve always struggled with building a bigger booty.

That’s why I thought I would give Tammy Hembrow’s workout a try. With the amount of followers she has on social media, it’s got to be good right?

To be brutally honest, it’s actually not…

Keep reading to find out why…

What is Tammy Hembrow’s Build a Booty Program?

If you haven’t already seen her workout guide, you can find it on her website here at tammyhembrow.org

Basically, it’s a pdf eBook style guide with some pics of how to perform each workout with some basic info on each workout.

She also gives some tips on how to stay motivated, a one page blurb with some eating guidelines, a page about the program and a page on how to use the program.

The diagrams are okay, but when you pay that much for a guide you would expect a little more in my opinion.

 What’s Actually In Tammy Hembrow’s guide? 

Just so you know what you’re getting for your $49.99US this is an eBook style pdf guide.

On Tammy’s website she claims her program includes the following:

  • Exercise program with all of her favorite exercises that focuses specifically on building round, perky glutes and toned legs
  • Nutrition advice
  • Her top tips to help you get the most out of each workout
  • Tips for staying motivated
  • Description of each exercise with a few images of Tammy doing the workout.
  • Cardio recommendations

Of course I’m not going to show screenshots of the entire guide, but I will tell you this, there’s only 29 pages and in my opinion – it’s not worth $49.99US 

This is what’s in those 29 pages…

  • eBook cover = 1 page.
  • Table of contents = 1 page.
  • Disclaimer = 1 page.
  • About this program = 1 page.
  • Workout tips = 1 page.
  • Eating guidelines = 1 page.
  • Cardio = 1 page.
  • Secrets to staying motivated = 1 page.
  • How to use this guide = 1 page.

As you can see, there’s 9 pages already gone and I can tell you that the content in those 9 pages isn’t anything fancy.

Let’s continue…

  • Week 1 – 4 = 10 pages with couple of pics and a short blurb about each workout.
  • Week 5 – 8 = 10 pages, again with simple pics and short blurb about each workout.

That’s it…I don’t know about you, but for $44.99US and it’s just an eBook, that’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me!!

But Are The Workouts Any Good?

These workouts can be found anywhere and their definitely not anything new, but to be fair, Tammy has made the workouts fairly easy to follow…

I would just much rather see a video or at least pictures of her doing the workouts instead of a simple picture of Tammy.

I think if she included the meal plan and some videos with the guide for the $49.99 then I would probably be happy but for a simple pdf guide like this..not worth it!

Ohh, another thing I don’t like is the amount of exercises in the guide. There’s only a small handful of exercises and most of them are repeated throughout the guide.

For example, the image for squats is repeated 5 times as are some of the other exercises. This to me just looks like she has tried making extra pages to make the guide look bigger than it actually is.

What Workout Guide I’m Following Now.

This is a little different to the Tammy Hembrow booty workouts but you will see why I like it so much below.

It’s kind of funny because I found this program while searching for other complaints about Tammy’s guide. I was searching Google and found a lot of mixed reviews and in one of the Tammy Hembrow reviews, there was a group of people recommending a workout called Bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

With this workout you get everything – workout videos, a pdf version of the workouts, a meal plan, a booty workout video, supplement guide and a grocery list.

Best of all, it’s only $29.99ohhh, and it’s a 12 week program rather than an 8 week program.

So, you get a complete 12 week program with everything included and it’s like $15 cheaper!

I’ve only just begun following the Bikini Body Workouts. I’m on my second week now but I can tell you this, it is soo much better watching the videos of Jen do the workouts while I’m working out.

It just feels like Jen Ferruggia is there with me pushing me to go harder. It really motivates me and I think that’s something that is really lacking in the Tammy Hembrow guide.

Every workout I’ve done so far of the Bikini Body Workouts has given me a really good burn and I can feel my glute and butt muscles working.

Jen’s website: www.bikinibodyworkouts.com

Final Verdict

Call me cheap but I was pretty disappointed and feel like I’ve wasted $45 and that’s why I decided to write this review to let others know exactly what they are getting for their money..

If you really like Tammy and don’t mind spending your money then go ahead and buy them. After all, this review is based on my opinion, I just can’t justify the cost of such a simple eBook.

For those who want to save money and still get a complete workout program, then check out Bikini Body Workouts, it’s the only workout I’ve actually gotten excited about.

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13 thoughts on “Tammy Hembrow Build A Booty Workout”

    • That’s great Tania! Glad you saved some money, I didn’t even know there was a coupon. I don’t mind though, I’m happy with it. Have you started the workouts yet?

      • Aww oh well, someone else reading your blog might save some money.
        Yes, omg it’s awesome! Started this morning. Thank you so much for mentioning it because I can really see myself sticking with this and love the booty workouts 🙂 We can follow it together haha. Thanks again.

    • Hi Hayley.
      Glad it helped! I’m still following Jen workouts and loving it.
      More than happy to help if you have any questions about it.

  1. Totally agree with you Bianca. Tammy Hembrow workouts are one big disappointment for me as well.
    I’ve been searching to see if others agreed with me and there’s a lot of mixed reviews but I guess it all depends on how much of a devoted follower your are – unfortunately for me it feels like I paid for a simple guide with no real value. Wish I read a review like this before buying it. Glad you found something else, I will look into it as well.

    • Hi Amanda.
      There’s definitely a lot of different opinions and you’re right. I think Tammy is a great person but her guide was a huge let down for me as well. So far I’m really liking Jen’s workouts, it’s got videos and everything and it’s cheaper.
      Good luck!

  2. I’ve been looking at some reviews about Tammy guide and see a lot of recommendations for Jenns workout guide! I have a somewhat flat bum so would this guide be good for my bottom to get bigger? Also if you’re finished the 12 weeks, have you repeated everything again but with more reps/heavier weights? Thanks!!

    • Hi Marjorie.
      Jen has the 21 day booty blast program which I believe is really helping me shape my bum. The main workouts plus the booty guide together though is definitely going to help grow your booty so it’s more full and toned. Ohh another thing I’m noticing is my cellulite that I had around my legs is disappearing I’m really happy about that. But yeah, I’m still following bikini body workouts – 5 weeks in now and I’m loving it! Totally changed my life.

      And yes, once you complete the 12 weeks, Jen recommends repeating but increasing intensity and weights. She also has a level 2 program which I also bought but I think you can just follow the one if you don’t want to spend the extra money. Hope that helps hun.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      ohh and Tania mentioned in her comment you can get a coupon code for Bikini Body Workouts if you’re interested – https://www.ilikediscounts.com/the-bikini-body-workouts-coupon-code/ (Thanks again Tania).
      Bianca xx

      • Hi Bianca and thanks for the reply!! I forgot to ask two more questions about this program.. Was wondering if this program is excellent for losing weight (my goal is losing around 10-15lb). How much weight did you lose after completing 12 weeks and did you stick to a strict diet? Thanks


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