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Paige Hathaway Fit In 5 Weeks Review

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Why I didn’t buy The Fit In 5 Weeks Challenge by Paige Hathaway!

Hi, I’m Tammy!Tammy - My Paige Hathaway Review

Today I thought I would share my opinions on the Paige Hathaway Fit In 5 Weeks Challenge with you.

First off, I guess I should tell you a little about myself.

I’m a stay at home Mother of 2 kids under the age of 4.

I’m pretty easy going, and I’ve always been interested in keeping fit. But after having my babies I let myself go a little as so many of us do.

My Paige Hathaway Review.

First of all, I don’t think anyone should be charging $199 for any workout program for women (or men), online! Secondly, I don’t think it’s necessary at all to pay $199 for a workout.

Why pay that much for something, when you can get the same results for under $50!

I will share with you the workout program I follow below. It only cost me $29…

The first thing I do before I buy something online, is check out reviews from other girls and guys. I also do a quick search on Google to check out the person selling the product.

Even the best workouts available will have the odd negative review, no matter what the price tag may be. But, when I researched Paige Hathaway’s workout, I found lots of negative reviews and comments on Google. I even found a website claiming she was scamming people.

There were positive comments about her, but most of these popular fitness girls have lots of followers and fans.

What you really need to take notice of is the amount of bad things you see compared to good. That’s the thing I noticed when I was looking more at Paige’s workouts.

I have a feeling that her workout costing nearly $200 might have something to do with the high amount of bad feedback there is out there.

What’s in the Fit In 5 Workout By Paige Hathaway?

Below is a picture you can find on Paige Hathaway’s Website here, which is also where you can join up for $199.

Now I’m not sure if it’s just me or not, but I always worry about products that have to give a cash prize away in order to get people to buy them. Paige claims to be giving away $10k, but the more I looked into it, the more something seemed off.

I found websites saying that it was all a scam. I’m not going to get involved in all of the scam talk, and I’m no going to bad mouth Paige either. She is beautiful and looks to be fit, so she obviously has done something right.

In My Opinion I Found The Best Workout For Way Less Money!

All I am saying is that I think the workout I chose for under $30, is a perfect workout for women like me. I’m happy I found the Bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia thanks to a few other ladies out the who were recommending it.

That’s why I am doing this review. I hope I can save mom’s that are looking for workout programs online some money. If you are like me, every cent counts when you have children, no matter what age they might be.

Bikini Body Workouts By Jen Ferruggia

So as I mention, I found a cheap workout program for women that is perfect for me and my lifestyle. And it didn’t cost anywhere near $200! In fact, the Bikini Body Workout program is only $29.99 and I love the progress I have made since I started doing the workout.

The Jen Ferruggia workout has exercises that are practical, and you can feel them working the muscles they are meant too be working. Best of all I don’t have to be a professional trainer or gym junkie to do the workouts and get the results I want.

You get a booty workout video, a meal plan, supplement guide, grocery list and even a pdf version of her workouts, plus other workout videos. I’m really pleased with what I got for under $30 US.

Jen’s bikini body workouts is a 12 week workout program which is awesome in my opinion. Furthermore, the workouts are easy to follow and Jen seems to be talking to me personally while I’m working out. At least that’s how I feel anyway.

Bikini Body Workouts Results

Enjoying My Workout Journey…

So far, I’m still feeling motivated by Jen, and I’m seeing some great results with my butt and abs especially. I can’t wait til I can show off my body in the smallest bikini I can find lol.

If you think you might like the bikini workout you can find the website below.

Jen’s website:

My Final thoughts on the Paige Hathaway Fit In 5 Weeks Challenge

Personally I think the Paige Hathaway Fit In 5 Workout is for really experienced trainers and really fit people. I can’t justify spending $199 on a workout program I may not even be able to do, and I can’t buy something that has so much bad feed back about it online.

A Smarter Choice and a Better Workout For Me

I’m really happy with the workout guide I chose instead. You can check out Bikini Body Workouts, if you would like to save a decent amount of money like I did. I think most women will love the bikini workout by Jen Feruggia like I have.

Also, if you can’t stick it through, at least it only cost $29.99. If you want a bikini body workout guide than it’s perfect IMO.

6 thoughts on “Paige Hathaway Workout Review”

  1. I wouldn’t buy Paige Hathaway’s Fit in 5!
    After paying my money I didn’t get my copy of her ebook and they wouldn’t reply to my inquiries! I didn’t receive a thing after 2 days, but thankfully I cancelled my order through my bank. Such a scam in my opinion!

    • I’m sorry this happened to you too Lisa. Seems like it happens way too much, to lots of women out there. At least you actually got your money back, because I have read plenty of complaints from people that didn’t unfortunately.
      I’m realy happy with Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts, it may be worthwhile trying her workout as well. At least she messages you back if you need her. Maybe Jen’s workout is the right one for you also, you can find it here @

  2. I almost brought Fit in 5, but luckily I read your review first and then looked further into it.
    Thanks so much I’m glad I found this!

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