My Grace Fit Guide Review.

Grace Fit Guide
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Hi there! Tammy here 🙂

I’m just going to share a few thoughts on the Grace Fit Guide, that I tried out.

You may know of Grace Fit if you have come across her Twitter account (@grasfituk).

What Made Me Choose Grace Fit At First?

First of all, I think it was because Grace has quite a few followers on Twitter.

But I should have known, that just because someone is popular on social media, doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about.

It’s not hard to see why Grace is popular in the social circles online, cause she’s pretty hot. She also looks very fit…

But just because she is fit, doesn’t mean her workout guide is any better than what anyone else is promoting.

I’m sure being an attractive young blond woman, is probably the main reason Grace is popular on Twitter.

That’s how I got sucked into buying her fitness program lol…

She certainly looks the part. But I should know better. Never rush in and buy the first thing you see. Even if you are desperate…

Obviously, it would be great if we all could be fit and healthy all of the time.

I was actually looking into starting something cheap to get into better shape. But, I ended up buying the wrong workout guide for me.

It seemed to me that a lot of women would give anything to have a body like Grace Fit, and I was no different at first.

I will share the Bikini Workout Program I am doing now instead of the Grace Fit Guide, at the bottom of this page. It’s fantastic, and a lot cheaper.

I Really Wanted To Look Hot In A Bikini Again…

I was pretty desperate to get some sought of an easy fix for my body, which I was very unhappy with.

Every-time I looked in the mirror, it made me feel depressed. Also, I really hated wearing a bikini 🙁

The fact that I couldn’t wear a bikini with confidence really bugged the crap out of my inside! I was just too out of shape to feel confident in my old bikinis and swimwear.

I mean my boobs were there, but I needed to even some stuff up, by growing my butt, getting my legs and thighs tighter, and toning my belly a bit.

It was a weird feeling…

It’s like, I didn’t want to change for anyone, I just wanted to change a few things for myself.

I can’t explain why I was so desperate to change myself.

Deep down I knew I should probably be happy with who I was, but I also knew I could look better on the outside, so I could be happy.

I needed to find the best workout I could afford ASAP!

It also made sense to me to find a good workout for women and Mom’s,  that I could do at home, and that would make me fitter, stronger, and even healthier.

I wasn’t envious of anyone either, I just needed a change and I knew exactly what I wanted.

Also, I had been a regular at a couple of gyms over the years, after I moved house because of work.

But I couldn’t ever get the results I wanted and stay consistent going to the gym.

I started to get busier with work too, so I needed a good workout program that I could do at home. A workout that gave me great results, and also that didn’t take forever to get those results.

I found the Grace Fit 8 week guide…

I came across the Grace fit guide and thought that this program was the one for me. So I forked out the $43.00 for the workout program. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

OK, so like I said, I kinda got sucked into buying Grace Fit Guide that was priced at $43.00, which I paid with pay-pal, but there wasn’t anyone to blame but myself for not doing a little research on the exercise program first.

I rushed into buying it before I even made sure it was the best workout guide for me. I should have checked what other girls thought about the guide as well.

Grace Fit has heaps and heaps of followers on Twitter, so of course, I thought it must be the best workout program around. I have a feeling she was the first one I came across to tell you the truth.

I also noticed that a lot of her followers seem to be men that are following this lovely blonde girl with a good body, and for that reason only (she does have some lovely bikini pics on there).

So I decided I would give the Grace Fit Guide a real good go. After all, as I mentioned before I paid the $43.00 for it, so I was hoping It was going to be everything I needed it to be.

BUT, yep you guessed it, it wasn’t! I was very disappointed with the workout program.

Read More Below About Why the Grace fit guide was a fail for me personally…

What is the Grace Fit Guide?

If you haven’t already come across the Grace Fit guide, you can jump onto her website here at

What it is basically is a 15 page PDF eBook type of guide, that is meant to be done for 8 weeks.

I found the Grace Fit guide I received quite hard to follow from the get go.

To me it seems all over the place and doesn’t seem to be planned very well, considering the price you have to pay for it.

For me, it seemed like a few random exercises thrown together, that I could have found anywhere online.

Also, there’s not much motivation when it comes to her instructions, and it all seems very robotic.

Another thing that was frustrating was the absolute and total lack of diet tips. There’s nowhere in the guide that I could see that has anything to do with what foods to eat.

I found out after I purchased this program online that if I wanted diets I needed to pay another $30+ more for a $75.00 package! Stuff that!

There aren’t any detailed diagrams of the exercises she tells us to do. When you pay good money for an exercise guide, you’d expect to get a bit more.

What Does the Grace Fit Guide Include?

Like I mentioned earlier, when you pay your $43.00 US, you basically are paying for a 15 page eBook style pdf guide (if you count the cover there are 16 pages lol, I didn’t).

Also, there are no added extras when it came to diet plans etc (if you want more, it’s gonna cost ya!).

If you go to Grace’s website, you will see what she claims is included in her program:

Grace offers an 8 week workout guide and Facebook group access (not sure why the Facebook access isn’t free).

She says that she has created the eight week guide to “help people reach their goals in an enjoyable way”.

Furthermore, she also said there wouldn’t be hours and hours of training, which is absolute rubbish if you ask me.

I liked the idea of having no complicated instructions, BUT, sometimes more detailed instructions are important.

What Grace calls “rigid type rules”, I would call motivation, and there is a lack of this in the plan.

She also claims that she will get you “results in a sustainable, healthy” and “enjoyable way”, yet you have to go to the gym and buy resistance bands to do her workout. This means more money you have to fork out!

Below you can see a table of the contents from Grace’s guide:

Grace Fit Guide Table

I’m not going to waste too much of your time with boring screenshots of every single page from the program, but like I said there are only 15 pages included in your purchase as you can see in the table above.

My personal opinion is that I got ripped off by rushing into buying this program!

I don’t think it was worth $43.00 for 15 pages, and it didn’t include any dieting ideas like recipes and other food tips.

This stuff is not always common knowledge to everyone, and I’m a bit peeved that this was all I got (as you can probably tell LOL!).

So this is what I got in the program, just in case you can’t see the picture above:

  • 1 x Cover Page.
  • 1 x Contents Page.
  • 1 x Disclaimer and How to Use Page.
  • 1 x Legs Workout 1 Page.
  • 1 x Arms & Chest Workout 1 Page.
  • 1 x Booty Workout 1 Page.
  • 1 x Back & Shoulders 1 Page.
  • 1 x Legs Workout 2 Page.
  • 1 x Arms & Chest Workout 2 Page.
  • 1 x Booty Workout 2.
  • 1 x Back & Shoulders 2 Page.
  • 1 x Abs & Cardio Workouts Page.
  • 1 x Workout Finishers Page.
  • 1 x Glossary Page.

So that’s pretty much it. I paid for a couple of pages that were useless to me and the other ones aren’t anything special in my opinion.

There’s no way this was worth $43.00 to me!

So did any of the workouts suite me?

One of the things I was disappointed in was that the exercises were pretty common, and I could have found them online myself.

It would have been better if she made videos detailing new exercises or lesser known routines. Some pictures would have been good even!

Below I have posted a picture example of what the exercise pages look like –

Booty Workout Reviews

As you can see, it’s just text. Not very detailed and you can see why I found that it wasn’t the most helpful program available.

Honestly, I would have been much happier if she provided a diet or some meal plans, and a few videos and detailed diagrams.

Paying the $43.00 may have made it worth the money if it provided a few of these things at least.

Did I find A Better Workout Program?

The simple answer is YES!

First of all, I DID NOT want to pay more than around $30.00 this time, and I wanted to get my money’s worth.

The workout I’m doing now is quite different to the Grace Fit Guide and I will try to explain why I like it better for everyone.

When I was looking for other people’s reviews of the Grace Fit program that I foolishly rushed into buying. I searched Google and found that a lot of people thought the same way about the guide as I did.

There were some that were satisfied, but it just wasn’t for me. Maybe I’m too cheap I don’t know LOL!

I found another workout program that a lot of people were praising called Bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

Bikini Body Workouts

I looked into this workout (as well as a few others), and I found out that Jen’s program provides everything that a workout guide should. Especially when you are paying good money for it.

The Bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia provided me with a pdf version of the workouts, plus workout videos including, a BOOTY workout video, a supplement guide, a meal plan, and even a grocery list.

This is Jen’s website –

Also, it’s a 12-week program instead of only being an 8-week program, and one of the best things is that this workout only cost me $29.99.

Meaning for $13.00 less, I got a complete 12 week workout program with everything I needed included.

I haven’t been doing the Bikini Body Workouts for that long but I can tell you I really do like it already.

It’s so helpful to be able to watch videos of Jen doing her workouts, and it provides me with extra motivation.

I think all of these things were what is missing from the Grace Fit Guide. I just wish I had of found Jen’s Bikini Body Workout first.


I completed my 12 weeks and I feel great! I’m confident again, and I really do love my body at the moment.

I’m determined to keep on going. Leave a comment and I will try to answer you soon 🙂
Bikini Body Booty Results

9 thoughts on “Grace Fit Guide Review”

  1. OMG I totally agree with you, I was really disappointed with Grace’s workout. Very very simple guide for the price! Funny, I was searching for a good meal plan and came across your review. Do you think I should do a review as well? I have a tumblr blog. Glad I’m not the only one anyway.

    Also, I checked the bikini body workouts and found you can get a coupon code at makes it even cheaper

    • Hi Sally!
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂
      I’ve had a few people say the same thing now so we’re not alone. As for writing a review I don’t see why not – might help others. You’re only sharing your opinions so go for it.
      Good luck Sally!
      Tammy xx

  2. Grace fits guide is such a disappointment!!!! Very simple and way over priced. Asked for a refund and waiting for reply. I’m trying the bikini body workout you’re following as it looks pretty good. Did you use the coupon code? I just used (jen10off) and it worked – saved me some money haha. Had a quick look in the members area and it so much better – definitely worth it compared to Grace’s. Thanks 🙂

    • You probably wont get a refund I’m afraid Pam 🙁
      But on the bright side you will be happy and save money with Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts 🙂

      Thank you for sharing with us. I hope to hear how you are doing with your fitness goals later on down the track!

      Take Care xx

  3. Grace is VERY young, I believe she only recently turned 20. Since she has worked in an office and is currently a Music student at Oxford University (HUGE props for that!! Go Grace!) I am not sure if she is even a certified trainer in the UK or anywhere else. The guide she SHOULD be selling,however, is how to travel to interesting, far-off tropical places, stay in the coolest accommodations, eat the most INCREDIBLE & health-promoting, plant-based food – and, of course, vlog about it all…and all when you are a mere 20 year old Uni student studying music – NOT the travel, hospitality or fitness industries. Why? Because Grace (who is also a Gym Shark model/rep) has totally sussed out the Savvy on how to spin her social media persona into all these phenomenally brilliant free exotic travel stuff! (AND she got to bring a bff/cameraperson along, as well!)

    Perhaps Grace should have waited and written her Fitness Guide when she knew more about the subject. I would not be at all surprised if she said to her teen self, ‘Well, what the heck – I’ll throw it out there and see if anyone actually buys the dang thing” I guess some folks did, but it truly looks like anyone who did was, indeed, mightily ripped off – and deserves a refund…IN FULL! Definitely time for Grace to take this current Fit Guide OFF the market. But she should also get busy on that other one. Because THERE she is a self-taught pro!

    • I agree 100% Deah!

      I’m just glad i finally found something better because I can’t afford to keep wasting money.
      I’m still enjoying what I am getting from the bikini body workouts, I feel great!
      Let’s hope we have helped a few other girls with their journey’s as well ?

  4. In order to actually follow along with the workouts, I’m pretty sure that you also have to get the Aflete app which is where all of the actual workouts are! The booklet is just sort of a glossary for all of the movements you will be doing!

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