My Christmas Abbott Badass Body Review

Christmas Abbott Badass Body Review

My review of the 30 Day Badass Body Challenge by Christmas Abbott.

30 Day Badass Body home edition reviewIn my review I talk about:

  • What it is?
  • Who is it for?
  • What is included in it?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Why it wasn’t for me!
  • Which workout am I following now?

Please read my review below to see which workout is the right one for you.

Hey there!

My name is Tammy, and today I thought I would share my opinion of the Badass Body Challenge – Home Edition from Christmas Abbott.

I’ve been getting into this workout stuff, and I’m on a journey to find the best workouts for Mom’s like me.

In my Christmas Abbott workout review, I will explain why it wasn’t the exercise program for me. 

You may, or may not have heard of Christmas Abbott, but she is quite the business women these days.

Christmas is well known as an American fitness model and Weightlifter. Recently Christmas had been cast by CBS, to star in Big Brother 19.

She’s pretty popular on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to check her out on Instagram you can here>

I first came across the fitness guru on Instagram when I was checking out some hot bods on there for inspiration lol.

After I had a good look through her profile, I also checked out her Facebook page. Christmas is FIT!

I actually thought I would be able to get a hot body myself by following one of her workouts.

Why I wanted to Change My Body?

First of all, I really hated my body shape! After having 2 baby boys, only 10 months apart, my body needed a lot of work!

It seemed every important part of my body was either sagging or too fat!

I tried to walk as much as I could with my second pregnancy, but it wasn’t enough. I was really out of shape and unfit.

Not having the best eating habits in the world didn’t help my cause either. Let’s just say I was on the “See-Food Diet”, I would pretty much see food and eat it!

Being pregnant for so long took its toll on my body. My boobs were saggy, and so was my butt and gut!

I needed a workout that would not only shred some fat, but I also wanted it to lift my boobs and butt.

Oh, and yeh I also wanted a BIGGER BOOTY.

When I was younger I guess I was somewhat fit, but my booty seemed to be a bit too flat, and my stomach was never toned.

Now I think back, and I guess I was happy, or content maybe, with my body shape. Or maybe I just didn’t really care about that sought of stuff back then.

To be honest I would have settled for my old body shape any day, compared to what I was shaped like after having my babies.

By the way, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world but! I adore my children!

No Motivation!

Always seeing hot girls on T.V or in magazines, and also online made things worse for me! I started becoming insecure. Especially if my husband and I were out somewhere and there were “hot girls” around.

One thing is for sure, I really was worried if I kept going the way I was, that my husband would leave me for something, or someone “better” 🙁

Luckily I found a good man to start my life with and he would never do that. But I was still worried during that time of my life.

I tried the gym a few times but I didn’t really have the time to stay committed, so I was just wasting money on it.

I needed to be able to workout when I could, when my kids, and work would “allow” me too. A workout program I could do then and there, and not have to travel half an hour too and from a gym.

Also, by the time I would get to the gym, I was over wanting to workout most of the time. I just wanted to go back home!

So that is why I decided to try Christmas Abbott’s home workout. She seemed popular on social media, but is popular always the best?

Let’s face it, she is a champion and has done such a great job with her own body. She has achieved so much!

But, I would later work out….. Her Badass Body Challenge Workout wasn’t for me!

Keep on reading to find out why the Badass Body Challenge wasn’t the right workout for me…

What is the Christmas Abbott Badass Body Challenge?

If you haven’t already seen her workouts, you can find it on her website here at


First of all, I will say one word, CrossFit! Or is that 2 words?

Anyway, You have probably heard plenty of your friends talking about CrossFit. If not, you may want to google it, just so you know what you are in for, if you decide to buy the Badass Body Program.

Basically, the Badass workout is 30 days of CrossFit, but just a tad harder. Well for me it was a lot harder.

I didn’t have the advantage of being a professional athlete or being super fit already before I started her workout, and unfortunately, it’s sad to say I needed to be.

To be able to do what is asked in Christmas Abbott’s Workout, you need to be already fit in my opinion.

And, unfortunately, I was far from fit 🙁

What’s included when you buy the Christmas Abbott Workout?

The challenge included a handful of workouts, 4 to be more precise, which I was meant to do in the 30 days, to get the results.

As I said, I really think it would have been great if I was an athlete. Or, maybe already a weightlifter LOL.

I think I should have at least been FIT before I spent my money on it, and tried it out.

Well, that’s what I felt after I started using Christmas Abbott’s Badass Body Challenge – Home Edition…..I was excited at first but…..

$99.00 US was just too much for this workout!

For $99.00 US, you would think that a workout would suit anyone and everyone, but it just wasn’t for me.

Maybe I was doing it wrong, maybe Crossfit is just too hard for beginners?

The Home challenge is meant to be all done without using weights etc, only your own body weight, which I thought sounded great at first. But, I think that this is why it was taking so long to see any results, and it was only meant to be for 30 Days!

I think I needed more motivation, on a more personal level, which I think this challenge lacked. It felt like I was meant to already know everything about fitness if you know what I mean.

But wait, there’s more…

For another $99.00, she provides another 30 Day plan that needs to be done at a gym, and other stuff like a diet plan. Both challenges are said to produce the same results. All products are sold as individual programs and books etc.

I think if you want to get real results, you have to buy the $30.00 diet plan also. It just felt like I needed something else the whole time I followed the workout.

I’m sure any Crossfit program would be the same as far as I know. Most of the stuff I could have found online for FREE!

Also, every home workout plan should fit around a Mom’s schedule, so it wasn’t special in this way, and this is one of her main sell points.

All in all, I just felt that this was purely a bunch of hard exercises to lose weight, but not to build up any particular muscles, like my bottom. I guess I’m just picky. Or maybe I’m a bad student.

I just think for $99.00 I should have got a lot more. Especially more motivation.

 What’s Actually In Christmas Abbott’s Badass Challenge? 

Below is what’s in Christmas Abbott’s Badass challenge, and what you get for your $99.00.

  • 3 x main Crossfit style workouts.
  • 1 x endurance workout.
  • 6 x recovery days (2 per week).

What’s so special about this workout?

Not much in my opinion!

A lot of this stuff I found on Youtube!  Crossfit is a bit dated if you ask me. And if you aren’t a fan of it, like me, it just becomes another lot of exercises, thrown together, with a celebrity’s name on it to help make it more popular.

The Workout Guide I’m Following Now.

Something a little different to the Christmas Abbott Home workout is this bikini workout I found.

It’s weird cause I found this workout while searching for complaints about the Badass workouts, from other unsatisfied girls.

Most of the feedback I found was about her book for her diet, and a lot of those reviews were bad. The girls sounded just like me lol.

There seemed to be a lot of other recommendations when it came to workouts, from lots of other people like me on Google.

Also, I found a lot of Mom’s recommending a workout called Bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

This time, I got everything I needed when I paid for the bikini body workouts. It’s funny cause the main thing I wanted really, was to look good in a bikini. I wanted to be confident in my bikinis. So this workout was perfect!

What’s in the Bikini Body Workout?

Jen’s package has it all really, and I’m happy as Larry with my new workout guide!

There’s workout videos, a meal plan, a booty workout video, supplement guide, grocery list and even a pdf version of her workouts.

It’s a 12 week workout program, which is cool too 🙂 And one thing I enjoy more is that it feels more personal so I stay motivated easier.

Best of all is that it is only $29.99 US!

So, I got a complete 12 week program with everything that I needed included, and it’s way less expensive!

I’ve been doing the Bikini Body Workouts for about 5 weeks now.

It’s awesome watching the videos of Jen doing her workouts, and working out at the same time. I think she gives me way more motivation too.

Now, it actually feels like I have a personal trainer! Or at least what I imagine having a personal trainer would feel like LOL.

It helps me push harder and really motivates me. I think that’s something that is really lacking in Christmas Abbott’s workout.

Best of all, I’m really feeling it in my muscles, and already seeing some awesome results.

Only thing is, I don’t really want to post pics of my body just yet but. Maybe I will after the 12 weeks lol.

Not everyone will agree with me, hopefully, my review will help some other ladies out there 🙂

Where did I find the perfect workout for me?

Jen’s website:

Final thought about the Badass 30 Day Workout!

I may be fussy, or maybe even a cheap ass, but I think being a young Mom has made me this way. I was really disappointed! To be honest I feel like I’ve wasted $99.00. I wish I had of shopped around or found the cheaper, more complete bikini workout first 🙁


If you want to save a fair bit of money but still get a complete workout program, then do what I did and check out Bikini Body Workouts, it’s the only real workout that I’ve actually been able to get into. It’s also the only workout I have kept doing. It’s been easy to stick it out this time.


4 thoughts on “My Christmas Abbott Badass Body Review”

  1. Hey Tammy,

    I just wanted to thank you for your review. I’m happy to say I am enjoying Bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia still, which i decided to buy after reading your review.
    I was going to go with the Christmas Abbott workout, but I’m glad I did some research first!
    You saved me a fair bit of money and time, which I don’t have much of either.

    Thanks Again For Your Blog!

    Kind Regards

    • Awesome Karren!

      This is what i enjoy reading. When I wrote this review I was hoping that eventually it would save people some time and money, and also help them to choose a great workout for women that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.
      Thank You so much for sharing your experience with me ? I’m really glad you are happy with your choice, and also that I helped a little lol!

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