Best Booty Workouts For That Perfect Bikini Butt

Want a bootylicious butt? Follow this guide…

Ladies, are you sick of looking in the mirror only to find your butt going south?

Maybe your starting to notice cellulite and absolutely hate it, or your booty is just not the shape you want it to be?

No need to stress because I’ve created this step by step FREE booty workout guide just for you.

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Let’s get started shall we 🙂

Barbell Squats:

Squats are great for building nice strong legs, but they also work wonders for your buttocks too.

What It Does: I doubt you will find any butt workout program that doesn’t include squats in the routine. Why? Because they target your gluteus muscles and that’s the muscle group that defines your bum.

How to: For beginners, start light and work your way up but for those who already workout challenge yourself and lift what you can. I recommend using a squat rack for this so you can easily start and finish the exercise.

Begin the workout with the barbell rested on your shoulders, then squat all the way down keeping your back straight and buttocks slightly out. Then stand up straight and repeat the movement.

Rep/Sets: 12 Reps x 3 sets.
Tip: Make sure you squeeze and flex the muscles your working while performing each exercise.
Donkey Kicks:

Funny name but these work a treat! Best of all, you don’t need any fancy gym equipment to do donkey kicks.

What It Does: This exercise works each of your glutes – gluteus maximus,gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. It’s also great for firming and toning.

How to: If you have a mat then I recommend using it for this one because you can get sore knees. Get down on your hands and knees – back and head straight. Now, lift your right leg up kicking it in the air (like a donkey kicking). Once you have done this 12 times repeat with your left leg.

Rep/Sets: 12 Reps x 3 sets.
Tip: Make sure you squeeze and flex the muscles your working while performing each exercise.
Weighted Glute Bridges:

You can do these with or without weights but if you want fast results go with a little weight.

What It Does: This exercise will tighten and sculpt your glutes. It’s also good for strengthening your back!
It’s a great exercise if you want that bootylicious butt!

How to: You can use a bench or exercise ball for this one. Rest your head and top of your shoulders on the bench or ball and then with the barbell rested on your midsection lift up and down. Try and keep good posture throughout the movement.

Rep/Sets: 12 Reps x 3 sets.
Tip: Squeeze your butt when you lift up and pause of 1 second before going back down.
Curtsy Lunges:

You can do these with or without weights. I use a dumbbell but you can also use a kettlebell.

What It Does: This exercise really hits that glute medius muscle. I highly recommend adding this into your workout regimen.

How to: If using weights, hold the dumbbell or kettlebell in each hand, then lunge forward and do a curtsy. Very simple workout but very effective for toning and shaping your butt.

Rep/Sets: 12 Reps x 3 sets.
Tip: Keep your back and head straight. Try and go as low as you can for the ultimate burn.
Sumo Squat:

You can do these with a dumbbell or kettlebell. I prefer using a dumbbell but you can use anything with some weight.

What It Does: Summo squats target your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves. A great all-round lower body exercise.

How to: These are like barbell squats but you simply position your legs further out just like a Sumo wrestlers stance. Using a dumbbell, kettlebell or medicine ball squat down with the weight keeping your back and head straight.

Rep/Sets: 12 Reps x 3 sets.
Tip: Keep your back straight and tighten your buttocks when lifting up for a good burn.
Fire Hydrants:

Do you know why these are called fire hydrants? For those who don’t, they’re called this because that’s what dogs like to cock their legs to pee on lol.

What It Does: This exercise targets the gluteus medius, and it’s perfect for toning and firming your butt.

How to: The best way to explain this is to pretend you’re a male dog peeing on a fire hydrant or tree. Get down on your hands and knees and lift one leg out to the side while lifting up. Repeat on both sides, no gym equipment needed.

Rep/Sets: 12 Reps x 3 sets.
Tip: Keep your back and neck straight. Try and pause for one second while your leg is in the air.
Jump Squat: 12 reps x 3

Jump squats are awesome because they work your butt muscles while keeping you fit. Best of all, you can do them just about anywhere.

What It Does: This is such a good little exercise because it works multiple muscles while giving you a good cardio workout. Jump squats target your quadriceps, the hamstrings, the gluteals, the lower back and the abdominals. Got to love jump squats!

How to: Give yourself some room, legs spread slightly around shoulder width. Then squat down while keeping your back and head straight and jump up. When you land, repeat.

Rep/Sets: 12 Reps x 3 sets.
Tip: Keep good form throughout the movement. I put my hands behind my ears but you can have them in front of you.

How did you go?

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